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Universal Visioning Journeys

Through their connection with mother earth and cosmos, the ancient wisdom keepers all around the world have discovered and mastered inner journey techniques to enter the quantum field.

Shamanic visioning is the journey to non-ordinary realities in an active meditative state and bringing knowledge and healing to our ordinary reality. Practice of shamanic journeying is a universal method, not a religion. These sacred traditions offer us techniques on practical ways to improve our lives, lift heavy energies, access pure states of expanded consciousness, mother earth's medicine, our cosmic memory and multi-dimensional selves.

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3 Worlds of Shamanic Cosmology

Spirit worlds visited in visioning journeys are classified into three main categories. Each of the three worlds has its atmosphere and vibration, each suitable for different intentions.

The Under World

This is the world inside the earth, pacha pama, who is deeply connected to our inner world. Anima is the spirit of the earth and represents the life force within us. It is where we connect to our spirit animal archetypes, the elements and elementals. Under world / the collective womb of the earth is also represented by feminine energies - inside the earth there is life force, lava, passion, creation, destruction, and nurturing energies.

The Middle World

This is the realm we live in and engage daily, usually with our 5 senses. Shamans believe this is the world we dream into being, and the other two worlds are real. In this dimension, we are conditioned to operate from a linear way of thinking and being, to solve problems. This is where our consciousness is informed by culture, norms and goverments. This dimension can be very dense if we don’t train our perception to expand.

The Upper World

This is the upper realm that includes the sky, stars, planets, constellations, the etherical world, and the source. Represented by masculine energies, it is the world of philosophy, ideas, logic, probable timelines and aetherial bodies. Here we connect to our spirit guides in the form of wise humans, ancestors, luminous beings, sacred geometry and many others. This is the realm of new beginnings, of pure potential, our healed, multidimensional states, that allows us to see beyond our conditioning and into probable higher timelines.

Even though the universe of shamanism is divided into three levels, these three worlds are interconnected. The energy travels across the three worlds to establish communication and connection. But most of our work today is in the Upper and Under Worlds where shamans have voyaged since ancient times. Going to the Upper or Under Worlds, one reaches spiritual beings of compassion, power, and wisdom.

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What Happens in a Session

We start with opening a safe and sacred space. Then use specific guidance and rythm to shift brain wave activity from Beta (normal waking state) to Theta state (awake and very relaxed) of consciousness, to assist one pass the gate keeper of their mind, and enter an active meditation, that opens to non-ordinary realities - the realms of subconscious and spirit. We achieve these altered states of consciousness completely without the use of drugs.

The visions, knowledge and energy medicine is accesed at these levels of subconscious and beyond, through one's connection to their spirit and guides, ancestors, archetypes, multi-dimensional selves, and many other guides. The person asks questions and receives answers through their direct connection with spirit. Guidance is received in unique forms by each person; visuals, sound, knowing, activations, initiations, and/or energy healing. Messages are often symbolic and poetic, also simple and direct.

After the journey the person returns to their ordinary reality with information and energy that can help them expand their consciousness and heart, make changes, release heavy stories, heal an issue or inspired to start new projects. After the session we provide guidance for the integration process, which is crucial to receive the full benefits of the journeys.


Dawning of a New Luminous Humanity

The Condor & The Eagle Prophecy

The prophecy of wisdom keepers tells that we’re living in the time of Pacha Kuti - the turning over of the earth - the turning over of the systems that are predatory, that have been abusing the earth. It is a revolutionary turning point in human history, a period of great turmoil and upheaval in which a new species of human will give birth to itself, who lives in harmony with the earth and each other. The wisdom keepers' prophecy say that we're going to take an evolutionary quantum leap of the human consciousness, moving from homo sapiens to homo luminous -- enlightened, high frequency beings who live free of fear, and reside in their transcendent, eternal, creative nature. The Q'ero are releasing their teachings to the west, in preparation. They believe that the new caretakers of the earth will come from the west, and love & compassion will be the guiding force of the great gathering of the people.

“The Earthkeepers believe that the world is real, but only because we’ve dreamed it into being. The challenge of dreaming our world into being is that it requires courage. When we lack courage, we have to settle for the world that’s being created for us by our culture or by our genes. We feel we have to settle for the nightmare. To dream courageously, we must be willing to use our hearts."
- A. Villoldo>

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